Strategic Agreement between the University of Debrecen and Morgan Star Group

University of Debrecen and the Morgan Star Group of Chinese interest has signed strategic cooperation guidelines in education-to increase the number of Chinese students-, in research and economic development.

Morgan Star Group, as one of the most significant companies from the People’s Republic of China will be the first Chinese-interested company in Central and Eastern Europe, including Hungary, to start a comprehensive cooperation with the University of Debrecen, announced Rector Zoltán Szilvássy at the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement.

Mr. Steve Guo, CEO of Morgan Star Group has emphesized, the traditionaly good relationship between China and Hungary has achieved significant results in recent years, and Hungary was the first European country to sign the agreement with China for the One Belt One Road Initiative.

In addition to the advanced technology industry, the development directions include cultural and artistic activities as well as technological training, international science and talent development programs, and teacher training.

Hungary has significant experience in the latter. As one of the most outstanding higher education institutions in the country, the University of Debrecen has always been at the forefront of educating foreign students, including Chinese students, and has been significantly involved in the negotiations related to the One Belt One Road Initiative.

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